Our School - School Hours

School times:

8.50am:            Classes commence

10.55am:           Recess

11:20am:           Classes recommence

1.20pm:             Lunch

1:55pm:             Classes recommence

3.00pm:             Day concludes


Before and After School

Parents are reminded that students are asked to time their arrival at school so as not to arrive before 8.30am as supervision before this time cannot be guaranteed. We also ask that students make their way home promptly after school to ensure they do not spend extended time unsupervised in between being dismissed and arriving home. Any children arriving before 8.30am are required to wait in the courtyard outside the school office until 8.35am when teachers will allow access to classrooms to prepare for the day.

Sports equipment (other than a tennis ball for hand tennis) and playground equipment is not permitted to be used before and after school.