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Personal Items Lists for 2018

The charge for personal use items will vary from student to student and includes:

Pupil requirements for all students and used in lessons. (e.g. stationery items, calculator etc.) Pupil requirements recommended but not essential for all students (e.g. carpet square, art shirt, tissues etc.). Items and activities for selected students that are not directly part of the educational program (e.g. Musical instrument hire, school photos, discos).

A Personal Items List detailing recommended resources for each child has been distributed to each student in December 2015. The school has negotiated competitive prices for materials on the list, but you are not obliged to use our supplier. The school receives a small commission from the supplier for each order received. If you do wish to order through the school’s provider, please follow the directions on the Personal Items List. Items may also be purchased from your supplier of choice. Your child will need to have the listed materials each school day so it may be necessary to replace some items such as pencils throughout the year.


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